$80 pr hr.

Please call or email for “overnite” rates, info, and lodging details. Ask about block rates.



Large groups or individuals that require excessive setup time (e.g. drummers) may arrive 1/2 hour prior to the first billed hour.

Piano Maintenance: 

When the piano is used, a fee of $100 per session is required to keep it consistently tuned and voiced. Pipe Organ may be booked by SPECIAL request only. 

Rate determined by project.

Data Back-up/Archiving:

The recording media at Victorian Recording is 100% digital, allowing for quick and affordable back-up of session data at the completion of a project. DVD Back-ups can be performed at the cost of $50 per project. (4.7 Gb). 

Data left with the studio will be archived for 3 months ONLY prior to completion of the project. 

Clients are encouraged to provide their own Firewire drives eliminating archiving costs and creating greater logistic flexibility. 



Cancellation occurring within a week prior to the scheduled time will be required to pay up to 25% of the scheduled time. 



All bookings over 8 hours require a 25% non-refundable deposit. If client cancels, 50% of lost deposit can be applied towards a future booking, if booked within 6 months of cancellation.



Questions or concerns? Feel free to contact us at info@victorianrecording.com