Josh Richter:

As a musician and recording engineer, Josh has been involved in the Chicago music scene for nearly 20 years. His music career started with fronting his own 12-piece soul band, The Josh Richter Band. In 2001, he opened a small studio called Electric Mayhem, where he cut his teeth on the recording scene. Passionate about making quality recordings for the independent music community, inspired to evolve and expand his clientele and recording space, he opened Victorian Recording in 2005. His goal with VR, was to create a unique environment where musicians could truly create, make art, and focused it around top end equipment, providing the highest sonic quality. The result was a space with a relaxed vibe and homey feel.  A perfect home for making great records.

Jazz being a passion for Josh, he has engineered countless projects for local, national, and international jazz artists.  A lover of all music, he has played on, recorded, mixed, and produced dozens of additional projects of all styles and genres.  His vision, expertise, and guidance ensure the highest quality care and results to all of his clients.


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Sean Kelly is a Chicagoland native and back in the city he loves after finishing up his degree from Capital University in Music Technology. Truly a jack of all trades, he consistently delivers high-end performance in Music Production, Audio for Picture, Videography/Photography, Audio and Visual Post-production, as well as Composition and performance for commercial and creative projects. A lover of technology and culture, of science and art, of growth and creative expansion, Sean brings a unique flavor to Chicago’s most unique recording studio.

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